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Barb Leese


A recipient of Burlington's Civic Recognition Award for International Achievements, Barb is an experienced and committed educator with a passion for the arts and yoga and a vocation for instilling a love of learning to assist people in finding personal wellness and performance excellence. Barb's passion for health and mind/body wellness began at the age of ten, training professionally with Canada's National Ballet School and, upon graduation, joining the National Ballet of Canada as a classical dancer and then shifting to musical theatre as a performer, dance captain, and associate director. Holding a Master's Degree from York University, Barb is currently on faculty at Sheridan College, teaching anatomy/physiology and dance technique for the Bachelor of Musical Theatre Performance program. Barb holds certifications in various styles of yoga, personal training and mind/body techniques, all of which enable her to bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to her teaching over the last 30 years. Her 200hr YA registered Yoga Teacher Training program has run for the last ten years producing hundreds of confident yoga instructors. Her vast teaching experience has expanded to New York City, co-teaching/creating modules in BodeNYC's OHYA registered Teacher Training Program where she launched her 40hr Yin training, The Inward Journey in 2019. Barb will add to her credentials an AYIT accreditation in yoga therapy (2022).


My Yoga Journey


Christine Grant 

Expert MFR PT, Reiki Master Teacher, Yogi for life

Christine Grant, PT, Expert Level John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Therapist and Reiki Master, is a Physical Therapist, helping people return to balance and wellness for more than 25 years. Christine is a life-long learner, spiritual seeker and yogi and her journey of outer exploration and inner transformation has led her to study many approaches to healing. Christine has a strong belief in engaging the whole self: mind, body and spirit, in assisting people on their healing journeys. She also works with the energetic realm and has been teaching Reiki as a Master Teacher since 2011. Christine was introduced to the world of fascia 17 years ago and fell in love; blown away by its holistic paradigm and how it merges the conscious and subconscious being with the energetic and physical self. Christine has expert level training in John Barnes Myofascial Release and has led introductory workshops and talks about fascia since 2015. She is passionate about bringing an understanding of fascia to the yoga community and merging these two incredible healing philosophies to enhance peoples’ wellbeing. Christine has a private PT practice in Oakville, Ontario where she lives with her husband, her 3 children and her dog Lola.

My yoga & MFR  journey
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