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  • What sets this online Yin Teacher Training course (Teach Fascial Yin) apart from other online courses I have seen?
    Our online pre-recorded the Inward Journey: 40 hour online Fascial Yin training is comprehensive, covering many aspects of learning, both from a yoga and a myofascial body perspective. Please check out the full curriculum on the course description page for all the details. We are confident that you you'll come away with a new level of understanding of your body-mind, your yoga, and your ability to teach Yin and bring this new knowledge to your students/patinets/clients. You will receive a yin yoga teaching certificate (as a 200 hour yoga teacher graduate) after completing this course. With over 30 years experience both Christine and Barb bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience from diverse and broad perspectives as a physiotherapist, expert level myofascial release practitioner, reiki master teacher, college educator and yoga teacher trainer.
  • Is this course good for beginners?
    Yes! Both these courses, whether online pre-recorded or in-person, are suited to the beginner yogi as well as for the more advanced practioner or yoga teacher. They are great for those already on a healing journey using Myofascial Release to deepen and accelerate their healing. They are also designed for healthcare practioners, bodyworkers, or energy workers looking to enhance their knowledge and treatment of the human body-mind through the platform of fascia- informed yoga.
  • When does the course start and finish?
    The online pre-recorded courses have no start or end time- they can be completed at your own pace and you will have unlimited access to the entire course so you can go back to it again and again. Whether online or in-person, the Inward Journey (Teach Fascial Yin) , includes a Yin yoga certificate and 40 CEC hours with Yoga Alliance (if you are a certified 200 hour yoga teacher). The Yin and Beyond course will include 15 CEC YA hours upon completion.
  • Will this course be worthwhile if I have already completed another Yin Yoga Training course? Are there prerequisites for the different levels of the online and in person training?
    Yes of course- we think so! It will only further clarify your knowledge and give you new and different perspectives to enhance your personal developement along with your teaching abilities. This is a deep, unique and comprehensive training which will give you well rounded knowledge to enhance your yoga, your healing and your teaching! There is no prerequisite for the online trainings or our in-person workshops. Anybody is welcome and people from all different circumstances and backgrounds have benefitted from our trainings. The Inward Journey: Teach Fascial Yin online and in-person 40 hour course requires proof of a 200 hour yoga training certificate in order to recieve the CEC Yoga Alliance credits and certificate to teach Yin Yoga.
  • Will I receive a yoga teacher training certificate after completing this course?
    Yes! In the Inward Journey:Teach Fascial Yin on-line course and in-person course,once all the requirements for the course are complete and if you are a certified 200 hour yoga teacher, you will receive Yoga Alliance recognized CEC credits and a certificate that you can print at home. You DO NOT have to be a yoga teacher, however, to take this course. Yin and Beyond workshops do not include certification. In person Yin Fascial Yoga Teacher Trainer courses include a certificate upon completion as well.
  • What course materials come with the program?
    the Inward Journey: Teach Fascial Yin online, pre-recorded course This course comes with: A comprehensive, colour photo downloadable manual 4 90 minute Yin yoga classes, including 2 Ball classes Meditations Guided journalling 6 Feel your fascia exploration videos and practices Videos and photos and descriptions of almost 30 yin postures are explored in depth with modifications and variations Guided lectures and vides to explore the science of fascia, biotensegrity, enteroception, trauma response, stress paradigm, window of tolerance and the polyvagal theory. Unlimited access included. Yin and Beyond: Experience Fascial Yin This course is a journey into yourself, with yin yoga classes, ball classes, meditations, and guided journalling and lectures, all designed to help you understand your body better and go deeper into your healing journey and your yoga. Unlimited access included. You will be responsible to print off any downloadable materials along with props for the online courses. Props will be available for the in-person workshops.
  • How long do I have access to the course?
    The online pre-recorded courses include unlimited access for the lifetime of it's available online.
  • Where can I buy the required reading books for the course?
    Reading materials are included in a downloadable complete manual for the Inward Journey (Teach Fascial Yin) online pre-recorded course. The online courses and in-person workshops include many references to articles, websites, books and online videos to enrich the journey. They should be easy to find online. All in person 40 hour the Inward Journey:Teach Fascial Yin courses include a manual and references.
  • Can I safely lead yoga classes after completing this program?
    The Inward Journey: Teach Fascial Yin, is designed exactly for that purpose! You will receive in-depth online training to feel confident in teaching Yin yoga and bringing a new level of knowledge and understanding to your own practice and that of your students. This level is also great if youre a healthcare or bodyworker looking to gain a deeper understanding of fascia and yin yoga and how to bring those in practical ways to your clients/patients. Our in-person Yin Fascial 40 hour training contains the same content but is experienced in a safe and inclusive group setting.
  • Will the certificate be accepted at any studio, gym, or corporate private fitness setting?"
    Yes. The Yin Yoga certification upon completion of our the Inward Journey course (Teach Fascial Yin), is through Yoga Alliance, a world recognized organization for accredited yoga teaching.
  • Can I take this course even if I have no desire to teach?
    Yes! All of our courses are appropriate for anyone! It just depends on the depth of knowledge and experience you are looking for in your journey into Yin Yoga and understanding the latest science of fascia, biotensegrity, stress and how it affects the human body and nervous system. The Inward Journey is approximately a 40 hour course and Yin and Beyond is approximately a 12 hour course. The in person courses are modelled in the same structure as the above.
  • Are there any health concerns or conditions that would limit me from participating successfully in this course?
    As always, if you have any health concerns always check with your health care practicioner/physician before participating. These courses are geared towards listening and adapting to your bodies needs and there are many modifications and suggestions made available to you throughout the course. Any body should be able to do these practices in a safe and effective way.
  • What set up and props/materials will I need for the online courses?
    For the online courses you will need the following: Props: You will need a bolster or rolled blankets, 2-4 yoga blocks, a yoga mat, a yoga strap, a firm chair (optional depending on yoru ability level) and comfortable clothing. A journal or somewhere to write is also recommended. Environment: You will need a quiet space for the practices where you will have minimal distubances for the optimal experience. Technical: For the on-line courses you will need a computer, laptop or tablet device, or you can view them from your phone. You will need access to the internet as well and may want wireless headphones for listening depending on external noises around you. There will also be printable downloads for the course that you may want to have prior to starting and a comprehensive manual to print for the Inward Journey (Teach Fascial Yin). In-person workshops will have props available
  • Will my credit card information be safe?
    Yes! We use a protected platform for all your payment interactions.
  • What if I am unhappy with the course?
    We hope we can satisfy your needs and please contact us directly through our website if you have questions and concerns at We will do everything we can to help you.
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